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We No Likey Skye Sweetnam.

We know who Juliet and Mavolio are, thankyouveryfuckinmuch.

Anti-Skye Sweetnam
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Do you dislike Skye Sweetnam? Do you instinctively cringe everytime you hear "Billy S." or any of her other odious songs on the radio? Yes?

Well buddy, this is the place for you!

Before you jump in and get your hate on, please take note of a few rules:

1. You must dislike Skye. Well, you can join if you're a fan of hers and have a sense of humor and perspective, but please keep in mind that some people may not want you here.
2. While I don't expect an anti- community to be fluffy bunnies and sunshine, try to be as civil as possible. Flames will not be tolerated.
3. On that note, trolls will not be tolerated, either.
4. Off-topic posts and duplicate posts will be deleted without notice.
5. Read over the community a bit before posting something. People get rather snippy when they see the same thing posted three times in a short time.
6. This rule is very important. Again, if you are a fan, this is really not the place for you, but I cannot stop you from joining. If you DO join and are offended by what you see, I highly suggest that you join a community for Skye fans instead. We do not care about how Skye changed your life, we do not care that you think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, so if your intention is to convince us how "wrong" and "pointless" this community is, do everyone a favor and DON'T FUCKING BOTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This community is moderated by ohlawdy. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at chaoscontrol@pokemonsux.com or comment in my LJ.

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